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Make An Impact

With Emerging Leaders

Inspire Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Volunteering with DECA allows you to make a real difference in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, where you’ll begin to see how DECA members are ready to make an impact in our world.

Serve as a Competitive Events Judge

As a competitive events judge, you’ll connect with DECA members who have been preparing all year-long in classrooms to have their chance to shine.

  • They’ll share promotional strategies for a case study they just received 10 minutes prior to meeting with you.

  • They’ll passionately explain how they activated their community to get behind an important cause.

  • They’ll unveil a comprehensive marketing strategy for a local business that they developed through their classroom learning.

  • They’ll tell you about their real business (yes, real) and their plans to grow it over the next three years.

  • They’ll give you innovative ideas that you can use in your own company!

FEBRUARY 5-7, 2023
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

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