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Preparing Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs

in Marketing, Finance, Hospitality & Management



DECA has compiled a wide range of digital resources to aid in the recruitment and retention of your DECA membership during these unprecedented times. Take advantage of these resources as you take your chapter to the #NEXTLEVEL this year! 



If there’s one thing that’s true about DECA members, it’s our ability to surprise you. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, we find a way to breakthrough to the NEXT LEVEL. Digging deep to overcome the odds is second nature to emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Within each of us lives a ceaseless desire to exceed expectations and rise higher and higher to new levels of success. This is not just another year. This is our chance to break free of our routines and challenge the status quo. This is the year we push our limits and set our sights higher than ever before.

2021 SCDC


In accordance with our organizations core-values, and after careful consultation
with health officials, Montana DECA is pleased to release the following response
and guidelines related to in-state conferences and events. Given the uncertain
length of the current pandemic, Montana DECA Inc. will continue to monitor the
coronavirus (NCOVID-19) situation closely and make any updates regarding the
conference to our stakeholders.




DECA's Professional Learning

Series provides numerous opportunities for professional development. Learn from Colleagues from across DECA's International Community, and obtain CEU Credits for your Learning!

Meet Your


State Officer Team

Montana DECA State Officers are selected by the Montana DECA Executive Management Team to provide leadership for the current academic year. As our primary student public relations agents, Montana DECA State Officers represent our student membership, key stakeholders, including fellow members, advisors, education administrators, business partners, public policymakers and more. They also develop a program of leadership to assist in the implementation of Montana DECA's strategic plan.

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