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Montana DECA's strategic drivers identified by the Board of Directors guide the collaboration of staff and stakeholders in delivering the premier organization to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Although the 2021-2022 school year started with uncertainty, the DECA year culminated with the vibrant return of the first in-person Collegiate DECA and DECA International Career Development Conferences since 2019. DECA also made significant strides in regaining chapters and membership, while strategically positioning the organization for both the short-term and long-term.

The school year ended with strong membership numbers, unwavering support from our partner organizations and a renewed excitement for DECA from those who were thrilled to engage in-person and for those who were eager to experience DECA in-person for the first time. Strong membership numbers and conference attendance reinforced the power of DECA’s core programs and philosophies. Still navigating the health challenges presented by the pandemic, DECA successfully hosted a nearly full slate of in-person conferences, reinforcing the educational value of in-person networking, learning and growing.  

Since 2020, the pandemic challenged DECA to develop new programs, try new delivery methods and add layers of support. However, the experiences and learnings from and during the pandemic positioned DECA extremely well to enter a new era of chapter recruitment, membership development, enhanced educational programs, increased member value and opportunities to forge new partnerships. With the support of our board of directors, our talented staff, our dedicated advisors, our enthusiastic members and our generous partners, DECA will continue to be the premier career and technical student organization for business, marketing, finance, hospitality and entrepreneurship.


  • Program of Study
    Review all dimensions of existing and potential programs spanning the spectrum from middle school through post-secondary.

  • Resources and Support
    Provide training, information and tools to support advisors at every level.

  • Strategic Partnerships
    Engage relevant stakeholders to create synergies that advance DECA's mission and mission.

  • Organization Strength
    Enhance talent, technology and communication to support every dimension of DECA.

Strategic Drivers

Dynamic Impact on
College + Career Success

Our diverse, highly-motivated DECA members report that their participation in DECA has a direct positive effect on their preparation for college and careers.

Engaging Our

Providing Relevant & Innovative
Experiences for Our Members

  • The Game-Of-Life provided a unique, hands-on learning opportunity to connect with industry, learn financial principles, and plan for life’s unexpected.

  • The Shark Tank Challenge continued. As a premier event of the State Career Development Conference, Sky Federal Credit Union challenges teams to create a service or product, using a revealed household mystery item in just under two weeks.

  • DECA reimagined an all-new DECA Direct Online in March with new features for the classroom and a digital-first delivery.

  • DECA released a new Student Portal, giving members access to participation transcripts, membership news, and more.

  • DECA Plus was launched in October, providing members cutting-edge competition preparation, 100+ case-studies, and state of the art industry engagement.

Supporting Our

Assisting our Advisors who Adapt to Virtual,
In-Person or Hybrid Teaching

  • More than 1,436 DECA advisors participated in DECA’s first-ever Advisor Professional Learning Virtual Conference in early August, designed to provide resources for the unique year ahead.

  • DECA’s newly introduced Classroom Connection provided advisors with a weekly lesson plan and resources such as videos, digital classroom activities and seminars. With many on-demand videos, they were clutch for virtual learning.

  • The complete rollout of the Advisor Mentoring Network provided a formal program featuring a monthly curriculum to help on-board our new advisors while transferring knowledge from our experienced advisors.

Championing Our

Developing the Lifeblood of our Membership by Creating
a Chapter-Centric Culture

  • DECA Plus provided members on-demand resources, including competition preparation, over 100 case-studies, and engaging industry resources.

  • The Recruitment Toolkit provided student leaders with customizable graphics, logos, and social backgrounds to assist in member recruitment and engagement.

  • DECA refined online resources to attract teachers to serve as an advisor and start a DECA chapter.

  • Weekly DECA Direct Emails engaged the student membership base with current events, weekly case-studies, and industry relevant articles that expand and integrate to classroom instruction.

Strengthening Our

Maintaining & Enhancing Industry Support

  • DECA continually involves industry in program execution. As a
    co-curricular organization, we understand that connecting to business aligns DECA’s Impact with contemporary and relevant industry needs.

  • Merit-based scholarships are provided to student-members through a variety of corporate and education partners.

  • Our esteemed partners continue to support work-based learning initiatives, and hands-on learning challenges that support innovation and creativity in and out of the classroom.

Propelling Our
Organization Forward

Enhancing Talent, Technology and Communication to Support Every Dimension of DECA.

  • Our Industry leading technology solutions keep members engaged, partners connected, and our impact meaningful.

  • DECA continues to be the flagship business career & technical student organization (CTSO), providing contemporary, relevant, meaningful solutions.

  • In an ever-changing landscape, DECA continues to connect with student-members through new, exciting, and innovative programming and resources.

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